Yad Sarah’s Repair Workshop: Getting Rehab Equipment to Wounded Soldiers at ‘Lightning Speed’

Meet Vitali Bord, the steady hand behind Yad Sarah’s efforts to support the rapid rehabilitation of Israel’s soldiers through critical medical equipment loans.

Vitali worked as a chief engineer in the largest factory in the former Soviet Union in a company that produced advanced technological equipment such as robots and mechanical equipment and chip processing.

Now a 22-year veteran volunteer at Yad Sarah, he fixes complex mechanical apparati at Yad Sarah’s Equipment Repair Workshop in Jerusalem.

“The atmosphere of war is felt here everyday,” he says.

Since the beginning of the war, there has been an increase in requests for repairs at lightning speed of special equipment for soldiers like CPM (continuous passive motion) therapy devices.”

Since the maritime disruptions due to attacks in the Red Sea, he adds that the organization has faced a heightened need for equipment parts that cannot reach Israel.

“For that reason, I, together with a team of volunteers, are quickly building spare parts for medical equipment,” he adds.


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