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Thousands of Yad Sarah volunteers come together every day to offer a broad spectrum of services at 120+ branches throughout the country.

Yad Sarah was founded in 1976 as a local initiative by Rabbi Uri Lupolianski. Under his leadership it quickly became the largest volunteer organization in Israel, with 7,000+ volunteers and impacting almost every family in Israel and saving the government over $1,5,000,000 B through use of home hospitality equipment in place of hospital stays Since its founding in the winter of 1976, Yad Sarah has taken up the challenge to provide comprehensive and supportive health services that allow individuals in need of care to remain at home and in their communities for as long as possible.

The medical and rehabilitative equipment lending service allows anyone to take advantage of the best equipment available, without dependence on public medicine. The Emergency Call Center provides around-the-clock supervision, so even the elderly and the sick can remain at home. The Home Hospital Service makes it possible for rehabilitation at home rather than an institution, and does so without compromising on quality of treatment.

Through its dozens of health, community, medical and paramedical services, Yad Sarah volunteers, with dedication and love, provide individuals the ability to return to a normal life. The volunteers – drivers, technicians, caregivers, lawyers, teachers, and others – work  through wars and pandemics to provide the best service possible in any and every  situation.

Yad Sarah is a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the winner of the Israel Prize for Special Contribution to Society and the State.
Yad Sarah is run by volunteers and is supported by donations.

Want to know more? Visit us at the Yad Sarah Experience – our interactive multimedia visitors center in Jerusalem.

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