Yad Sarah Purchases Additional New Home Hospital Van Using Funds from Daily Giving Donation

A generous donation from 18,000 Daily Givers allows Yad Sarah to expand Home Hospital service and reduce pressure on overwhelmed hospitals in Israel.



JERUSALEM, Israel – Yad Sarah, Israel’s leading volunteer-staffed organization, announced today that it has purchased an additional Home Hospital van, using funds from Daily Giving – a non-profit organization that collects and distributes charitable giving to Jewish non-profits around the world. The newest addition to Yad Sarah’s fleet of vans will enable the organization to deliver additional home hospitalization units – including beds, wheelchairs, and oxygen concentrators – to reduce hospital stays and support individuals recovering at home.

“Yad Sarah is deeply committed to providing compassionate care to the people of Israel – a need that has grown significantly since October 7,” said Adele Goldberg, Executive Director of Friends of Yad Sarah. “The organization’s home hospital vans are a large part of this mission, and we are grateful for Daily Giving’s support in helping us reach significantly more individuals, communities, and families in need.”

As a result of the ongoing war, hospitals in Israel are significantly overwhelmed with injured soldiers and civilians. Yad Sarah’s home hospitalization service addresses this need by delivering and installing medical equipment that permits individuals to recover at home. This service supports soldiers wounded in combat as well as victims of the October 7 attacks, evacuate civilians, and more.

Daily Giving is a Jewish non-profit that empowers people to fulfill the mitzvah of tzedakah every day. Givers donate between one and 50 dollars daily, and funds are disbursed to various Jewish non-profit organizations, including Yad Sarah. Daily Giving’s cumulative gifts to Yad Sarah over the past two years were used to purchase a new Home Hospital van. The van features Daily Giving’s logo and a decal that reads, “Donated by over 18,000 Daily Givers from around the world,” underscoring the partnership between Yad Sarah and Daily Giving. Future Daily Giving donations to the organization will be allocated to staffing and maintaining the vehicle.

“We select non-profits making a real difference in the community,” said Dr. Jonathan Donath, Co-Founder and President of Daily Giving. “We are grateful to our over 18,000 Daily Givers and look forward to seeing the positive impact this new Home Hospital van makes for the people of Israel.”

On March 13, Yad Sarah will host a dedication ceremony at Yad Sarah Headquarters (Beit Yad Sarah) in Jerusalem to unveil the new van and celebrate the participation of Daily Giving. The event will commemorate the partnership between Daily Giving and Yad Sarah, two non-profits with a shared passion for supporting the greater community.

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About Friends of Yad Sarah: Friends of Yad Sarah is the U.S.-based support organization for the largest volunteer-staffed organization in Israel, providing a range of free or low-cost health and home care support services that save the Israeli economy several hundred million dollars each year in hospitalization and medical costs.



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