Yad Sarah Calls for More Volunteers to Bolster Emergency Aid Services

Reinforcement volunteers are needed across the country to support life-saving services

JERUSALEM, Israel, October 8, 2023 – Yad Sarah, Israel’s leading volunteer-staffed organization and largest nongovernmental social and healthcare service provider, is appealing today to the public and calling for more volunteers. 

Since the outbreak of hostilities in the South, Yad Sarah has mobilized all of its departments and branches from the South of the country to the North in order to provide intensive life-saving support.

In order to do so, Yad Sarah appeals to the public to join its 7,000 active volunteers and assist in emergency support needed to significantly expand rescue and recovery services.

Yad Sarah branches need immediate reinforcements. All branches have increased their activity, with some having switched to wartime protocols and 24-hour-a-day service.

Most urgently volunteers are needed in the following areas:

The Home Hospitalization Department needs volunteers who install hospitalization units in homes and allow the wounded to recover there, so hospitals can open up more beds for the wounded and prevent overloading the health care system.

The Nechonit Service (Wheelchair Accessible Vans) needs experienced volunteer drivers with a standard driver’s license for the evacuation of disabled people from combat zones throughout the country.

The Emergency and Rescue Center urgently needs volunteers to quickly respond to distress calls and hotline calls for life-saving assistance.

Additional routine Yad Sarah services also continue to operate despite the war. Yad Sarah calls on the public to volunteer and assist precisely at this time when its services are needed more than ever.

To volunteer, visit the Yad Sarah website or call *6444

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