Israel at War: At the Request of Hospital Administrations, Yad Sarah Increases Critical Medical Supply and Rehabilitation Activities

All of Yad Sarah’s 125 branches will be open and fully operational except for those in the direct line of fire without full protection

JERUSALEM, Israel, October 8, 2023 – Yad Sarah, Israel’s leading volunteer-staffed organization and largest nongovernmental social and healthcare service provider, announced today that at the request of hospital administrators, it is significantly enhancing its activities for primary rehabilitation and where possible all of its branches will remain open.

The terrorist attacks yesterday, on the Simchat Torah holiday and Sabbath, and the barrage of fire from Gaza, have led to a sharp increase in the number of evacuees to hospitals across the country.

At the request of the healthcare system and hospital administrators, Yad Sarah has rapidly mobilized massive efforts and dramatically increased its activities for the sick and wounded.

All Yad Sarah Logistics Centers are funneling medical and rehabilitation equipment, as well as innovative technologies for recovery, to Yad Sarah’s branches across the country.
Volunteers have mobilized to provide additional support to lending units to enable a comprehensive initial response to the wounded and those released from hospital. Full assistance to discharged patients allows hospitals to focus on emergency activities, preventing a critical hospital crisis.

Additionally, at the bequest of the IDF to assist in the release of wounded soldiers from the South and out of a concern for the Home Front, Yad Sarah will keep its branch at Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson Hospital) in Petah Tikva open 24 hours a day. To aid the wounded and those discharged, the organization sent a large stock of medical and rehabilitation equipment to the branch, where volunteers have mobilized to cover shifts throughout the day.

Along with intensifying branch activity, Yad Sarah activated its home hospitalization headquarters in accordance with its emergency procedures to provide large-scale assistance to immediately allow fully-customized hospitalization units for at-home rehabilitation and recovery. The process, which is coordinated with the Ministry of Defense, is designed to allow the wounded and sick to rehabilitate and recover at home instead of requiring extended hospitalization.

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