IDF Soldiers Return Yad Sarah Medical Equipment Looted from Kibbutzim by Hamas Terrorists

An exceptionally unusual request arrived at Yad Sarah’s Soldier Rehabilitation Unit on Dec. 20. A commander who had received help from our unit to provide his soldiers with multi-system equipment allowing them to be discharged from the hospital and recover at home with home hospitalization equipment, asked for our help on a different matter. He needed assistance to return Yad Sarah equipment that had been discovered in Gaza during a raid on the home of a terrorist.


Inside the home of the terrorist, who participated in the attack on October 7th, a new wheelchair, mattress, device for alleviating pressure sores, sanitary equipment and more were found. All the items were stamped with Yad Sarah’s insignia. Members of Yad Sarah’s Home Hospital Unit, who are deployed all over the country, received the looted equipment from the commander which was  immediately transferred for a thorough disinfection and repair before it will be loaned back out to the next person in need.


Golan Lamenatzeach, the Director of Yad Sarah’s Southern Region says that during the murderous spree on October 7th, Yad Sarah lost significant valuable equipment that was looted and burned by the terrorists in the kibbutz communities surrounding Gaza. Some residents who survived the attacks received replacement equipment from Yad Sarah immediately, delivered directly to the places they were evacuated to.

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