Against the Backdrop of War: Yad Sarah Continues to Offer Sanctuary of Respite for Couples after the Tragedy of Stillbirth

JERUSALEM, Israel – October 26, 2023The Center for Wellness and Respite at Israeli NGO Yad Sarah’s Yirmiyahu 33 Hotel in Jerusalem is currently embracing families coping with the tragedy of stillbirth or postnatal death against the backdrop of war. 

Since the outbreak of the war, the Center has hosted 14 women or couples who had little else to turn to. Further booking requests are forthcoming at the Center, the first of its kind in Israel and possibly the world. Since opening in July, over 60 convalescents have stayed at the Center.

The women and couples who have arrived to the Center so far, were not among those displaced by war. They have predominantly come from the greater Jerusalem area, Israel’s Central region, and outskirts of the Northern city of Haifa, all of which still face intermittent projectile fire. 

In the immediate aftermath of the October 7th onslaught against Israel by Hamas, the Center temporarily closed. It was reopened on October 22, regrettably due to significant demand from those facing uncertainty of where to go to recuperate following their hospital release during these turbulent times. In Israel, there are approximately 1,000 stillbirths a year, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The Center comprises a full floor of suites and dedicated physical and emotional support services and facilities for the women and couples who stay there. Routine services for meals, compassionate accommodation, dedicated rooms for activities and enrichment, and holistic care remain available. 

“Sadly, the ordeal of stillbirth continues amid the backdrop of war; the insurmountable sense of anguish, grief and despair is only intensified by the tragedies and stressors of war,” said Rivka Benedict, Volunteer Coordinator at The Center for Wellness and Respite at Yirmiyahu 33. “Especially now, it’s critical we provide a sanctuary of compassion and solace for the women and couples navigating the uncertain path of recovery after their hospital release.”

The Center will continue to cater to convalescents in tandem with Yirmiyahu 33 Hotel’s sheltering of an influx of seniors and individuals with disabilities who have been displaced by the war as part of Yad Sarah’s broad Emergency War Relief Campaign.

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About Yad Sarah:

Yad Sarah, the leading volunteer-staffed organization in Israel, provides a vital array of compassionate health and home care services for people of all ages. 

Founded in 1976, Yad Sarah has 126 branches throughout Israel staffed by more than 7,000 volunteers. Although the organization is best known for its extensive lending service for medical equipment, its volunteers also drive its wheelchair-accessible vans, reach out to the homebound, advocate for the elderly at risk for abuse, provide in-home geriatric dental care, staff its play center, and more. Nearly every family in Israel has been impacted or helped by Yad Sarah.. Yad Sarah saves Israel’s healthcare system over NIS 5.5 billion ($1.5 billion USD) each year through its home hospitalization equipment lending services.



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