Give the
Gift of Mobility

“Give the Gift of Mobility”- help to uplift the lives of Israeli soldiers and civilians paralyzed by Terrorism and War.

“Give the Gift of Mobility”- help to uplift the lives of Israeli soldiers and civilians paralyzed by Terrorism and War.

Since the horrifying events of October 7th, through battle and terrorism, soldiers and civilians are injured in their spine and become paralyzed, resulting in reduced mobility, physical, emotional and financial challenges. Spinal Cord Injuries will greatly impact their everyday lives, career, and more.
UPnRIDE Robotics, an Israeli high-tech company based in Yokneam in the Galilee, developed the first and only smart robotic mobility device, which provides wheelchair users with full mobility while in a standing position in practically any urban environment, even on slopes and uneven surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Together with safety algorithms that help prevent falls in hazardous situations, these features enable UPnRIDE users to enhance social inclusion, accessibility, and quality of life, and to replace costly training devices, such as standing frames at home. Literature also suggests that prolonged standing, which UPnRIDE allows, improves physical and mental health, resulting in reduction of the need for health care and physical therapy, and reduction of medical expenses.

Based on injury reports, UPnRIDE Robotics and Yad Sara are prepared to provide, free of charge, 100 or more of their remarkable UPnRIDE “mobility vehicles” to the soldiers and civilians who will now be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives.

UPnRIDE, Together Investments and Yad Sarah are launching a campaign to raise $4 million or more to provide 100 or more free for life UPnRIDE mobility vehicles (wheelchairs plus!)with free 3 years of service and maintenance to soldiers or civilians injured so dramatically through the on-going terrorism and war.

Your support, whether it is sponsoring one or more mobility vehicles at $40,000 each, or contributing towards a wheelchair, will make a huge difference in the lives of the recipients.
For those who donate one or more, with recipient permission, we will share their contact info so they can meet their Hero(es) and you’ll hear of the amazing impact your generosity has had on them.
In participating in this campaign, you will be lifting up the spirits of the recipients, their families, colleagues, and communities and positively impacting their lives now and for years to come. Your help and gift now will provide tremendous freedom and mobility for those so tragically injured through terrorist attacks and wartime battles.

On behalf of the recipients, their families, their colleagues, communities and Klal Yisrael,
todah rabah! thank you!

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